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Choosing the Right Plan for you

You are not alone in your uncertainty about which Medicare plan is best for you. Many Medicare beneficiaries tell us they thought they were smart until they tried to figure out Medicare. Don’t be disheartened! Many people find it difficult to choose a Medicare plan and we’re here to help. 


Keep in mind a few things as you begin your search for Medicare Supplemental Insurance. First, there are two types of distinct programs that operate differently: Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage. Once you understand how each plan works, ask yourself the following questions to help you decide which is best for you:

  • Do any of your doctors participate in Medicare Advantage plans, or do they only accept original Medicare?

  • What types of insurance do your preferred hospitals accept?

  • Do you travel outside the panhandle often? If so, original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement may be right for you because you can use it anywhere that accepts Medicare.

  • How important is peace of mind? Will you sleep better at night if you pay a lower premium and pay as you go? If so, a Medicare Advantage plan may be a good fit. If you’re concerned about unexpected costs, a Medicare Supplement may give you the peace of mind.

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Choosing a Medicare Supplement

In 1990, the government standardized Medicare Supplement plans to make them easier to compare. Check out this chart to compare side-by-side. If you decide that a Medigap plan is the best option for you, our agency can provide you with a list of plans available locally. The cost of Medicare Supplements varies depending on your gender, age, zip code, tobacco use, and whether you qualify for household discounts.

Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

If you prefer Medicare Advantage, however, we recommend searching through’s website. We’ll use the Medicare Plan Finder Tool to look for Medicare Advantage plans in your county that meet your needs. For the lowest premiums, some people prefer Medicare HMO plans.


Others prefer Medicare PPO plans because they are more flexible and, if needed, include out-of-network benefits. Other plan types, such as Medicare Cost Plans, Special Needs Plans, and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans, are available in some counties. All of these are familiar to our agents, and they can assist you in sorting through the results to find a plan that your doctors will accept.

Next Steps

Our agency can assist you in determining which plan is best for you as well as the cost of monthly premiums in the panhandle. We’ll provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We help our clients find plans that are accepted by their primary care physicians and are also within their budget. Feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment using our online booking system to discuss your options. 

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